Category: Sustainability

Campaign: Transitioning An Urban Polluted River into a New Sustainable Economy

Client: Selangor Maritime Gateway Project


Selangor’s Klang River was set to be revived as part of the Selangor Maritime Gateway (SMG) initiative with a plan to create a balance between environmental preservation and population liveability with new economic opportunities for Selangor while creating acceptance amongst its stakeholders and building trust and credibility for LLSB as a river management expert. Engaged in 2019,  the compelling narrative began with the river as its focal point to garner acceptance of the project from its key stakeholders. The project transitioned onto a sustainable platform, with ESG principals and SDG goals built into the storytelling. Communications activities from September 2021 to August 2022 continued to build on the outcomes of previous engagement that first began in 2019, which focused on preparing the river for the future. The follow-through communications was strategized to promote SMG as a new income generator for Selangor. A key performance indicator was for the project communications to create maximum credibility to influence buy-in by senior state representatives in recognising a dedicated SMG Economic Development Zone (ZPE SMG) as the new economic corridor for Selangor. The multifaceted approach for the multiyear and multiphase project also addresses several United Nations SDs, through its focus on improving the cleanliness and health of the river and the surrounding wetlands, preventing marine pollution, and catalysing sustainable economic development to improve the livelihoods and wellbeing of the surrounding communities.

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