“Disruption can come from anywhere and anytime; you just need to still your mind long enough to see an opportunity”

Rantau, The Little Engine That Could, a boutique PR agency that continues to pull several wagons of clients up a mountain where some parts along the track are easy and smooth, others tight and steep and often fraught with obstacles. 30 years in the industry and we have come across a myriad of scenes, as we offload some wagons and take on new cargo.


Here are Janitha’s 3 learning nuggets about running a business:


  1. To truly appreciate the highs in running a business, you must live through the worst of situations – it will make you stronger and sharper.


  1. Believe in yourself and if (like me) you are lucky enough to have equally committed people standing with you, you cannot fall and even if you do, they will pick you up.


  1. Look at what you are doing well, what gives you pride and identify why it is valuable. Then strategise how to make it your pièce de resistance.


Happy 30th Birthday Rantau and here’s to the tracks we are laying for our journey ahead.




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