This is our story

Back in 1992, three young people with backgrounds in journalism, marketing and communications had a vision to help others tell their stories in the right way to the right people at the right time.

Rantau has grown by always listening to what our clients need and want. With this focus as our compass, we bring strategy, creativity and tenacity in developing award-winning integrated campaigns designed to deliver information and holistic experiences to the targeted audiences.

Our clients challenge us to make them consistently visible, relatable and impactful – and it is our commitment to stay relevant and our drive to go further that keeps us on top of our game.

The Sustainable Future

We have been realigning our focus to meet the emerging communications opportunities around sustainability. Since 2019, Rantau has been crafting stories that talk about how companies are creating value in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) spheres, ensuring that they are turning strategies into real actions that are being authentically communicated with credibility both internally and externally.

We are equally passionate in working with clients to develop thought leaders in emerging sustainability practices and areas with insights and data to lend credibility and raise profiles.

Giving Voice To Purpose

Our purpose-driven approach sets us apart from the competition. At Rantau, we understand that all aspects of the triple bottom line (environmental, social and governance) are equally important in delivering authentic results that make a tangible and positive impact on your organisation, the communities you touch and the Earth.

We work with subject matter experts and experienced partners to tailor strategies and purpose-led campaigns that amplify your sustainability vision and mission; build meaningful engagements that last beyond compliance; adopt creative storytelling to humanise the value of these engagements; and participate in your reporting exercise to bring these results to life.

The best way to know how Rantau can help you is to sit down with us over a cup of coffee and chat.

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