Transitioning An Urban Polluted River Into A New Sustainable Economy

The SMG initiative is about reviving the Klang River which has been damaged from decades of neglect. Being positioned as a “model for other countries”, the SMG project is the first of its kind in Malaysia mandated by the Selangor State Government to revive and rejuvenate a natural resource in the country.  


As a result, LLSB has achieved a credible position that provides for improved community employment and income opportunities to the state, private entities, and citizens. This creates a sustainable and affordable living for future communities along the Klang River. Pangkalan Batu Urban Park, Mangrove Point and the rejuvenated Klang River allow ecotourism to become a thriving gateway to the biggest population in Malaysia and the region. Local and international visitors alike can learn about the preservation and conservation of flora and fauna in the Klang River and raise awareness of its importance among like-minded individuals. 


The rejuvenation of Sungai Klang exemplifies the impact that can be achieved through global- collaboration with Netherlands-based, The Ocean CleanUp and local- partnerships with 5 corporate giants- Nestle- Recovery and recycling of plastics, Dutch Lady- Tribunary adoption, Westports Malaysia- INTERCEPTOR adoption, Berjaya Corporation- Sustainable Living and Port Klang Authorities – River Education, technological solutions coupled with strong government mandate, progressive local management team and strong stakeholder commitment towards protecting local rivers in Malaysia. We are making sustainability our business and ensuring that we are impacting change, starting with the Klang River.

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